Homegrown Art (Censee)

This artist in particular, who is a local to Miami, has a large collection of varying types of art pieces. This is not conventional. Some may even be put off by the darkness that is inherent there. While others will relate and flock like moths to a flame. Each piece that I have seen has brought forth a different emotion or existential idea to ponder. The obtuse shapes, thick unabashed shading and surrealist view on the standard creates an ugliness that feeds the eye whether you want it or not. As portraits go, they are distorted almost otherworldly versions of ourselves.While that can be off-putting it brings me back to an interview with the famous Jean-Michel Basquiat who also drew strange portraits. His answer was deafening, when the interviewer asked him, “Why do the faces come out ugly in your art?”, to which Jean-Michel responded coolly, “That is just how I see people”. Call it ugly, call it dark, no matter what, it is inspiring and powerful. It conjures up strange ideas and challenges the eye to grasp what it is digesting. Check it out for yourself, and see how it turns your stomach in wonderful ways. I know I continually jump down that rabbit hole and get lost for hours in the essence, like being sunk in quicksand, to look back upon reality with a feeling of intensity.


“No matter how good a painting of flowers on a table is…I prefer a really bad stick figure drawing of a penguin fucking a cow any day of the week.” -Censee

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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