Dearly Beloved, slid from Coltrane at noon, slathering

Dirty melodies,conjuring images

Convoluted, shadow puppets…move upon the wall,
From an era gone,
At the edge,

Curled up in the rime, cloudy frozen bed…

Caught in amber, diluted

Each memory of every one else hollow,
Harder to recall, a conversation lost….(from your old facebook)

Once read, “you were the highlight of those times”
Yes…the rest is a mess, elusive at best..
Not ours, it screams vivid,
Clarity…was it really us that built this wall?
Dearly Beloved, thickens the room…
Why do all the times with you, come easy?
Much brighter, blast
of light blurs the rest…
So clear from this repose,
From coins, highlighter, trampoline,
To burning trees, chasing nicotine in the cold
A team defeating drinking age limits with large pants,
And a face adorable to confuse and muddle,
Directions if you please?
Challenging cows, let florida sink! Bunnies aglow, building homes…
with sorcery, a fairy at the window,
causing panic to maintenance, chasing ghosts…
Was it us that built this wall?
Why…when it was so great, did the masked friends
Twist us, Dearly Beloved,
at noon…was it us? No, we were fooled.

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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3 comments on “Bunnies
  1. camillae says:

    Coltrane, (from your old facebook), trampoline, chasing nicotine in the cold, … a lot of your references resonate with me. What’s the exact significance of the title?


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