Friendship #2

“No Man is an Island” said Donne, to the rabble

With the toll of a Bell,

In the shade of the lovely form,

With each silly adorable act, this island…

Connected bit by bit to thy soul..
Now between us an archipelago was formed,
To challenge the impulsive storms of youth,
That always found our shores,
From the East I absorbed the cutting winds,
From the West you shielded the eroding rains,
To share the rising sun after the collisions,
More beautiful together.
Still, the weight Atlas carries for us all has found its way to these shoulders,
An emptiness that craves to be together,
“Hope Springs Eternal”, Alexander Pope noted,
And this is true for in the quiet moments,
Secretly with care and talent, a mason,
You put each marbled stone on top of marbled stone,
Within the mangled chest, to build the fountain
Which in every lost idea surges forth,
To wash away the dread and boredom.
“Friendship a Sheltering Tree”, Coleridge jousted,
A gnarled oak of loyalty, that bears fruit in any season,
Between the tumbling moments of Passion,
No love could last on its own, the tree of friendship,
Grown through shared difficulty, planted in the soil
Of the careful farmer, who looks to share the land,
To tend in care together, to enjoy what you enjoy,
A balance of contrasts, that listens instead of dictates,
Finds beauty in the desires already had, not the ones others chose for thee.
“She Walks In Beauty” whispered Lord Byron,
A noble set of words from a man covered in women, but never truly loved,
Saw through the veil, that the steps of her,
Cover the world in beauty, through contrasting provisions,
That Her very form, the exact curves and twists of personality
Tinker as if a sculptor at the ugliness of the City, of the Earth,
To breathe sapphire in to the sky, Give emerald flawless to the tree,
Take the sun as a Ruby, gems of memory.
Now, the night has come, a nightingale chases the day,
In that moment of rarity, with the telescope of Galileo,
A pattern emerges from the Heavens, each star colluding in unison,
That the winter coat of sadness, everyone’s favorite attire,
Is not for me any longer, instead in moments blue, when the days cold
Frozen, instead of choosing defeat, the power of between us,
Forged a harken-stone that would gain the envy of dwarves,
Lays within me, to keep me warm forevermore.

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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