Morning #6 (Alice)

Good Morning,

Alice, does the way ahead, trouble those brave….

Oh so, clever, clever eyes?
Did the path ever become less divergent, are the ways any different?
Here, look to the top, yes, where the leaves meet that cloud,
Where the cloud is embraced by the ray of light, only to vanish
Once in sight. “Were all mad here”, they quoted, but hey,
With this grin, larger than any sin, wider than any trouble,
Could the perfect teeth, crooked in the truths that seek to waddle out,
Be a map, a lamp, what about a cane?
Oh, perhaps this is of a different sort, the climb to step foot out of Wonderland,
Oh silly me, silly my, the crowds of nodding fellows, would think
That the average day is the greatest prize for thee!
Let us sit here awhile, whilst the rays of sun, chase the time in circles
Mad hatter would be pleased, to know the hollow, valley of candied
Trees and woods, had also lost its watch, just as he had, stolen
Under the guise of royal decree, forever to drink tea,
Yes madness is for everyone as was once misunderstood,
If all were mad, then would the madness be as bad?
Drink the tea, scoff the scones, Alice,
brave, clever,
Never stumble, the path is inward, do not fret, over the monuments,
The statues, the masquerade, the kings and queens,
All paths lead to thee,
Not away separately,
So do not fret, oh clever, clever Alice,
These paths are all a mystery, yes, oh yes,
But none are certain, none are worthwhile more than others,
Just your step, only your step,
That is eternal.
Be beautiful, make the wonderland confused in its own logic, a snow-globe,
To play with, another world conquered in the pupils, of the most
Clever, clever, girl. Elegant

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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2 comments on “Morning #6 (Alice)
  1. Enjoy reading these. Thanks. xo

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