Morning Poem #2

Go forth!
Lime in the leaves of every tree,
Silver emerges from concrete,
Aurora Borealis swims in every bloom,
Gold sticky drips from the rays of the Sun,
Who has painted the world so different?
Just awhile ago, a blur,
Now wonder re-enters the eye,
Was the Aoelian flute always in tune?
A warm apple pie in the sky,
Gooey sweet to fill the senses,
Touching all in a layer of sugar,
This world is new,
It happened when your star emerged,
From behind the curtain,
A new heaven, here on earth,
Be bright, Silver Star,
Those untasted cupcakes,
Baked in private in Home,
Like a longing for Greece,
Was to Oedipus,
To embrace the treasures unseen,
Will carry the ship forth
Past cyclops rage,
Saurons deceit,
Above the fear of Sarlac Pitt,
To mount the Wurm,
And ride back through wonderland,
To emerge, crestfallen and weary,
At thou shores. Reinvigorated in divinity,
Be as bright as you wish,
The day is yours,
An Egyptian lighthouse to all.

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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One comment on “Morning Poem #2
  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. xo


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