Morning, Dare

Does one dare?

To cross the boundaries of her hair,

in to the abyss of crashing storms

that rise and turn, swirling gravity from

The eye, thundering blue bolts pure

searing each conviction, every vision

Sculpted in giant, her desire grew colossus

planes of existence crumble underfoot

each step a universe undone,

Who amongst the brave takes a step towards obscurity?

Tempting disaster, squelched, demolished or lost

Another silence of her chasm.

Does one dare?

To venture at a sight,

that blinds the few who never look,

Bless those, a curse to witness

Contours of Aphrodite, at each point

anew the sculptors rejoice, Prometheus has a new model

beginning a fire, so bright it swallowed the light. A fortress,

built simply from within to be a menacing sight

towering over schemes, shadowing them in eternal night.

Did anyone dare?

Towards another land,

To lay in glory, of gilded trees bark and root

In her chosen garden behind the stars, tended in silence

meant to be private. Yet every starry sky, bashful

to bloom from her flowers, every dream awake

at the heights of her vines, has a surprise

within each nook a morning in the loom,

colored in sunshine,

touched with the innocence of every lamb,

and tended with the care of every mother,

soul lighter than a feather, behind a chasm, do you Dare?


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3 comments on “Morning, Dare
  1. LiteraryFuzz says:

    This is a fantastic piece!


  2. […] one is inspired by Boch’s poem Morning, Dare. It’s not the first time I draw something for Boch, in march he used my hand lost in cosmos […]


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