Morning Poem, nightmares

Flutter of the wings, daunting

To the caterpillar who eats the dawn

From the dew strung carpet, that sparkles
Awkwardly with the hustle,

Hoodies slinging plants and chemicals, no different
Than the pharmaceuticals, under the Sunny state

Which also was born from concrete, oranges becoming
Cocaine piles that overthrow the culture
Bands with no plan for the future, just temporary relief
Feed the hungry some nasty beats, to indulge this Hedonist
People, who consume the elders, with crooked laser teeth,
Saying, “hey yeah whatever”, echoing the lies of the 60s,
Which ended progression and dreams, with greed,
Stole the objective truth, gave everything a personal cloak,
Look man, its just my opinion man,
Is sort of the same as killing babies, for personal sport,
Or sacrificing the elven wards of the natural world,
Which on this morning get cast in bloody stumps,
Yet, do not fret,
Fret no more, the day is still yours,
With all the selfishness in the world, it is quite absurd
To throw the hands in to the air, be another casualty of
This consumer, apathetic generational warfare,
Give this day meaning, find what is true
Never bend to the never proven, look for evidence,
In the dregs of a coffee cup, at the end of a cigarette,
From the leap of promises, caring words, and niceties
To the actual representations painted before thee,
An infinite collection of monuments of things said, lays in every mind,
Just wisps of air, no! take this fucking world in to your hands,
Sing to the mind of the worthiness of the uniqueness inside,
Accept the compliments from those humble folks,
There is a pyramid within, decorate it as best you can,
Then return the favor, or it will become empty,
Be not afraid, weary or tired, the future is already in the pocket,
Just step once, then again,
Bring beauty back to the world again.

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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