shadow silhouettes speak:

(from the tiled corner) swallow it all.

the bathroom a cocoon:

where madness walked aloof,

I changed, when prides great statue

carved immaculate in the mind, crumbled

from a whisper:

I want to live.

the liquors grasp, like a ghost lingered.

I changed, with tears, and words

like the moon accepting the morning,

I found peace in others, and courage

in giving, but my hold was fleeting. Fear,

a flame dwindles,

shadow silhouettes still dancing

in the houses of delirium,

came solace, in cold floors,

at the end of faux cigarettes,

behind the chatter of delusion,

I changed:

to accept the moons woe,

letting go, and letting

morning show,

I changed.

I like pie. Writing poetry for me is all done without editing or pre-thought. Enjoy the dribbles of my mind. :D

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