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Have you ever seen Heaven then turned the other way. Afraid. have you ever tasted Freedom, then chose a chain. Blackest of black nights, doesn’t compare to (it eats color), it is an abyss. ever been there? so alluring, to disappear. voices,

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Reaching out for Help

Something I’ve never been good at. Why not though? I’d love to help out other struggling artists. Why not let others help me? Lets see how this goes :P. My love for writing will never diminish! Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise

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Lime Tree, Part 2

Lime Tree 6years at post, Waiting for the animals to go home. Naive at the carnivals delight, That kept her there, Afraid to challenge the dancing bears, Feet beginning to grow roots, A nest was founded on the shoulders, Creaky

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At bottom of bottle, i knew it not, Treeline deceiving, Apollo still rose Shattered glass, in a ring of mushrooms chose To sprout towards heaven any way, against the mist Here alone asleep, the darkened forest was my abode Except

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Morning, Dare

Does one dare? To cross the boundaries of her hair, in to the abyss of crashing storms that rise and turn, swirling gravity from The eye, thundering blue bolts pure searing each conviction, every vision Sculpted in giant, her desire

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That nonsensical tilt to the Heavens, Seat of our Mythos…no the eye records A whisper of the Starlight, as a sea That swirls infinitely, from our feet craven, To the helix of Prometheus, all must accord Inwardly to face the

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