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Have you ever seen Heaven then turned the other way. Afraid. have you ever tasted Freedom, then chose a chain. Blackest of black nights, doesn’t compare to (it eats color), it is an abyss. ever been there? so alluring, to disappear. voices,

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Reaching out for Help

Something I’ve never been good at. Why not though? I’d love to help out other struggling artists. Why not let others help me? Lets see how this goes :P. My love for writing will never diminish! Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise

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Lime Tree, Part 2

Lime Tree 6years at post, Waiting for the animals to go home. Naive at the carnivals delight, That kept her there, Afraid to challenge the dancing bears, Feet beginning to grow roots, A nest was founded on the shoulders, Creaky

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fire The coffee is stale, Do I make another pot? Or continue to stare at the world? In shades from despair to unquenchable delight Always lost in wonder Great poetry they say Not knowing of the hand that guides this

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No Longer

No longer does it matter,    To Know You Lime juice squeezed, Dripping like oil, has eroded          that stone cage, of Armour, of a tower In gem encrustation. That fiery stove Which scared the Fae away,

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Morning Poem, nightmares

Flutter of the wings, daunting To the caterpillar who eats the dawn From the dew strung carpet, that sparkles Awkwardly with the hustle, Hoodies slinging plants and chemicals, no different Than the pharmaceuticals, under the Sunny state Which also was

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Morning, Dare

Does one dare? To cross the boundaries of her hair, in to the abyss of crashing storms that rise and turn, swirling gravity from The eye, thundering blue bolts pure searing each conviction, every vision Sculpted in giant, her desire

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Morning #1

Great bountiful star, Over the mandated landscape Oscillating in river rays Daring the bees of lent harmony Moving masterful eyes Over this box of time Ranging the canyons of blue soaked eyes Never reaching closely In the depths Not the

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Europe 2008 Memories

Oh, Europe. How I miss thee, Gabriella. and the statues, to see. Flowers wild, Oh, Europe, your my mystery. Keep the gypsies.

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