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shadow silhouettes speak: (from the tiled corner) swallow it all. the bathroom a cocoon: where madness walked aloof, I changed, when prides great statue carved immaculate in the mind, crumbled from a whisper: I want to live. the liquors grasp,

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I got this, I know the way: like weeds covers the path… I’ve fallen in the bramble I planted, tripped over the roots they sprouted, now on the cold floor of the psych ward, washed in rusted yellow walls..that talk

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i choose

today I choose faith, a hunger subtle as the breeze where is the God of choice, a change of faces, a flip of the coin. Eat the fruit they say. So here, under the Mellow sun I sit with open

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Forever (draft)

Fontez was once again asleep in the tavern. Which tavern? That mattered less, as drool, was beginning to mix with the stains of ale from last evening. This was not a particularly unusual sight to see in a tavern, nor

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At bottom of bottle, i knew it not, Tree-line deceiving, Apollo still rose Shattered glass, in a ring of mushrooms chose To sprout towards heaven any way, against the mist Here alone asleep, the darkened forest was my abode Except

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Holy Cannibal

Dirty, ragged unclean Talking in circles about the same dreams That were stolen by them That’s always the case Them are a nasty sort Walking in stride with an eye towards the corner “coffee please I got no money” Yes!

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This medallion should mean a lot. This night is supposed to be celebratory. All those eager faces looking at me, it was intuitive that I should lie to them. My eyes naturally looked to the floor, as my lips said

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