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the sun drizzles an orange glow on the brick roofs, its quite the sight, after a day of puking emotions. in contrast to the quiet and stillness of the mossy trees, that arranged themselves in disorder. it reminds me of

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swampy ponderings

treading through a swampy pondering, lost and sticking in those same old spots, escaping the phantasms of yesterdays, and stumbling over the possibilities, the mangroves shudder as i spiral further inward, but then i remember a time, where words made

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shadow silhouettes speak: (from the tiled corner) swallow it all. the bathroom a cocoon: where madness walked aloof, I changed, when prides great statue carved immaculate in the mind, crumbled from a whisper: I want to live. the liquors grasp,

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I got this, I know the way: like weeds covers the path… I’ve fallen in the bramble I planted, tripped over the roots they sprouted, now on the cold floor of the psych ward, washed in rusted yellow walls..that talk

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i choose

today I choose faith, a hunger subtle as the breeze where is the God of choice, a change of faces, a flip of the coin. Eat the fruit they say. So here, under the Mellow sun I sit with open

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i pray to you (God) Or Who else? everything: a bridge of bramble grows or doubt: Empty coliseum where will the storm sprout, i ask humble? *take away my difficulties for freedom, i choose everything (in doubt) let the storm

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